Quality Assurance

Zaikie 100% Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Quality is our top most priority and our QA/QC team do contious research to serve best quality food

Zaikie Assured

A) All Customize Menu.
B) Zaikie Packages.

How we control the quality of food?

► We ensure the uses of finest quality raw material/ condiment for cooking.
► We allow our customer to choose the raw material as per their taste and choice.
► We ensure the raw material right from the cultivation stage.
► We choose and pure supply to raw material to our network caterer by searching village to village .
► Zaikie also process of producing raw material using 100% organic fertilizer.
► During the event , we do update our customer continuously by sending photo, video of cooking and other quality related activity.
► We totally use RO water for cooking.
► Maintain end to end hygiene.
► Our dietitian take care all composition of healthy food.

So now stop thinking about Quallity and make your event with #AapKaApna Zaikie.